Liver Primary Channel

Chinese: 足厥阴肝经

Pinyin: Zú Jué Yīn Gān Jīng

Pathway for Liver Primary Channel

The external pathway:

  • The Liver Primary Channel of Foot Jue-Yin (Terminal Yin) starts from Dadun LIV-1 at the dorsal hairy region of the great toe.
  • It then runs upward along the dorsum of foot.
  • It passes through Zhongfeng LIV-4, which is 1 cun in front of the medial malleolus. 
  • Then the Channel ascends along the medial part of the lower leg to Sanyinjiao SP-6, which is 3 cun above the medial malleolus. The three Yin Channels (Liver, Spleen and Kidney Channel) cross here. 
  • It runs up further to the medial side of the knee, then the medial aspect of the thigh. 
  • After reaching the pubic hairy region via Chongmen SP-12 and Fushe SP-13, it curves around the external genitals. 
  • It continues ascending to the lower abdomen,  intersecting the Directing Vessel at Qugu REN-2, Zhongji REN-3 and Guanyuan REN-4
  • The Channel then traverses the abdomen obliquely to Zhangmen LIV-13, at the end of the 11th rib and to Qimen LIV-14, 2 ribs below nipples. The pathway leaves the surface and goes inside the body from the LIV-13. 

The internal pathway: 

  • The internal pathway curves around the Stomach and arrives at the Liver and the Gallbladder. The latter two are the Channel's pertaining Zang and Fu Organs. 
  • From there it continues to ascend, passing through the diaphragm, branching out in the coastal and hypochondriac region and passing Tianchi P-1 and Zhongfu LU-1.
  • Then it ascends along the neck and the posterior aspect of the throat to the nasopharynx. It connects with the tissues surrounding the eye (the 'eye system'). 
  • Running further upward, it emerges from the forehead and meets the Governing vessels at the vertex at Baihui DU-20


  • An internal branch runs downward from the eye system through the cheek and circles around the lips' inner surface. 
  • Arising from the Liver, another internal branch passes through the diaphragm, disperses in the Lungs and crosses the Lung Channel. It then meets the Pericardium Channel at Tianchi P-1, 1 cun lateral to the nipple. 

Liver Divergent Channel

Chinese: 足厥阴经别

Pinyin: Zú Jué Yīn Jīng Bié

Liver Divergent Channel

Pathway for Liver Divergent Channel

  • The Liver Divergent Channel separates from the primary Channel on the dorsum of the foot.
  • After running up to the pubic region via the medial aspect of the leg, it then meets Qugu REN-2 of the Gallbladder Divergent Channel. 
  • It then traverses the abdomen obliquely to Zhangmen LIV-13.
  • It continues inside the thoracic cavity, spreads in the Liver, connects with the Gall Bladder and runs to the Heart.
  • Ascending through the neck, it emerges at the mandibular angle, disperses over the face and connects with the Gall Bladder Primary and Divergent Channel at Tongziliao GB-1 on the outer canthus of the eye.
  • It terminates in the brain after passing through the eye system.  

Liver Sinew Channel

Chinese: 足厥阴经筋

Pinyin: Zú Jué Yīn Jīng Jīn

Liver Sinew Channel

Pathway for Liver Sinew Channel

  • It starts from the dorsum of the big toe, ascending to bind at the anterior aspect of the medial malleolus. 
  • It then ascends the medial aspect of the tibia and binds at the knee medial side. 
  • Following the medial aspect of the thigh, it ascends further to the genitals, where it meets with the other two Foot Yin Sinew Channels (the Kidney and Spleen Channel) at Zhongji REN-3

Liver Luo-Connecting Vessel System

Chinese: 足厥阴络脉

Pinyin: Zú Jué Yīn Luò Mài

Liver Luo-Connecting Vessel System

Pathway for Liver Luo-Connecting Vessel System