Xingjian LIV-2

Chinese: 行间

Pinyin: Xíng jiān


Between the first and second toe, on the dorsum of the foot, 0.5 cun proximal to the interdigital fold.

How to locate

Locate LIV-2 0.5 cun proximal to the interdigital fold between the first and second toes. 

Commentary for Xingjian LIV-2

Xingjian LIV-2 is mostly used for Excess Liver patterns, especially for draining Liver Fire, subdue Liver Yang and clear Liver Wind. Therefore, this point can be used for the following associated symptoms: 

  • Liver Fire: bitter taste, thirst, a red face, headaches, dream-disturbed sleep, scanty dark urine, constipation, red eyes, a Red tongue with thick yellow coating and a Rapid-Wiry pulse.
  • Liver Yang: migraine headaches.
  • Liver Wind: Wind stroke, deviation of eye and mouth, tetany, epilepsy, loss of consciousness and convulsions of children. 

Liver Fire or Liver Yang may give rise to Blood Heat, so that the Blood become reckless and leak out of vessels. Therefor LIV-2 can be used to cool Blood so as to stop bleeding, regulate heavy menstruation as well as cough and vomiting blood.  

Liver Fire may also cause cough and breathlessness accompanied by rib pain. In some severe cases, the patients feel strong fullness and swelling in the rib area that they even fail to turn the body. It is because the Liver Fire invades and obstructs the Lungs. Phlegm often presents in these cases and make the obstruction worse in the chest. 

Like Dadun VIV-1, it also resolves Damp-Heat in the genitourinary system so as to repair urinary function and external genitalia disharmony. The typical symptoms it can treat are: Shan disorder, abdominal distention, excessive vaginal discharge, swelling, itchiness and pain of the genitalia, pain in the penis, retention of urine, bloody or turbid urine as well as difficult as well as painful and frequent urination. 

Finally, it calms the Mind as well, so as to treat symptoms like outburst of anger, sadness, fright, manic behavior, insomnia, palpitations and propensity to see 'ghost'.