About Me & Qi

Founded by a Sino-French couple

Me and Qi's Junjun with her daughter Zoé

Me & Qi was founded by Junjun Chen and her husband Arnaud Bertrand.

The idea for Me & Qi came to them after their daughter Zoé was born. When breastfeeding Junjun kept having issues with blocked ducts and mastitis. She tried all the commonly recommended solutions (hot/cold compresses, cabbage leaves, massages, etc.) but nothing really worked so she decided to try Traditional Chinese medicine. And it worked! Within two days of drinking a herbal tea recommended by a traditional Chinese doctor, all the issues had disappeared: no more blocked ducts! 

Encouraged by this success Junjun tried another herbal tea traditionally used in Chinese medicine to stimulate milk production. Again she was astonished by the result: she ended up producing so much milk that at some point she had 35 gallons of it stored in her freezer! 

By that point the idea for Me & Qi was an evidence. Junjun and Arnaud would make people discover the extraordinary healing properties of traditional Chinese medicine! They launched Me & Qi with the very two products that worked for her: a herbal tea to prevent blocked ducts and one to stimulate milk production. 

Me & Qi is Junjun and Arnaud's second entrepreneurial venture. They co-founded their first company HouseTrip, an online marketplace for vacation rentals, in 2009 in Switzerland. They led the company together during 6 years and grew it as a leader in their field with over 200 employees. They sold the company to TripAdvisor in 2015.

Our approach


Quality and safety first

Quality and safety is our number one priority. We test all our products rigorously and ensure they’re produced according to the strictest manufacturing standards. We’ll also never use any ingredients that are not generally recognised as safe, even if they’re traditionally used in Chinese medicine. It’s not just for our customers, it’s for us too: we’re the keenest users of our products!


Products that work and add value

We only market products we’ve seen work and for which there aren’t more effective alternatives on the market. We want to add value so we don’t believe in selling products we know work less well than others. It’s that simple.


100% natural

Our herbal teas contain one thing and one thing only: herbs grown in nature. We respect the ancestral methods and knowledge of Chinese medicine and we don’t add any modern artificial additives.


Approved by traditional Chinese doctors

We develop our products’ recipes based on the guidelines of several respected traditional Chinese doctors in China.


Service matters

As a company we know that our success depends entirely on the satisfaction of our customers. We aim to provide exceptional service and to always listen and care about what any of our customers is saying.


We’re also educators

We know that traditional Chinese medicine works astoundingly well for many ailments and we see it as part of our role to educate as many people as possible on what works and why it does.