Chongmen SP-12

Chinese: 冲门

Pinyin: Chōng Mén


Lateral to the inguinal groove, on the immediate lateral side of the femoral artery, at the level of the upper border of symphysis pubis, 3.5 cun lateral to Qugu REN-2

How to locate

From the upper border of the pubic symphysis where Qugu Ren-2 is located, measure 3.5 cun in a lateral direction and identifying the femoral artery by its pulsation. 

Chongmen SP-12 is in a depression immediately lateral to the artery. 

Main actions

  1. Invigorates Qi and Blood
  2. Subdues Rebellious Qi
  3. Resolves Dampness and benefits urination


Vertically 0.5–1 cun.

Caution: Needling in a medial direction may puncture the artery while needling in a lateral direction may injure the femoral nerve.

Commentary for Chongmen SP-12

Chongmen SP-12's main function is to invigorate the Qi and Blood

For pregnant women, the fetus Qi may rush upwards to harass the Heart, causing abdominal pain, distension and fullness. SP-12 is able to subdues this Rebellious Qi

It is also able to resolves Dampness and benefits urination.