Tianchi P-1

Chinese: 天池

Pinyin: Tiān Chí


1 cun lateral to the nipple, in the 4th intercostal space. 

How to locate

Locate Tianchi P-1 1 cun lateral to the nipple in the 4th intercostal space, which is on the same level of the nipples. 

Main actions

  1. Opens the chest and subdues Rebellious Qi
  2. Removes nodules and regulate Qi
  3. Benefits the breasts


0.5–1 cun transversely along the course of the intercostal space.

Only transverse needling is allow for women, so as to avoid puncturing the mamillary tissue.

Caution: Pneumothorax.

Commentary for Tianchi P-1

Tianchi P-1 is supposed to remove Liver Qi Stagnation, so as to treat pain and distension in the chest and breast. It also subdues Rebellious Qi and resolve Phlegm. Thus it treats symptoms such as coughing of phlegm or rattling sound in the throat. 

It also dissipates nodules such as neck scrofula, axilla swelling, breast abscess or low milk supply due to breast lumps.