Tongziliao GB-1

Chinese: 瞳子髎

Pinyin: Tóng Zi Liáo


Lateral to the outer canthus, in the depression on the lateral side of the orbit. 

How to locate

From the eye's outer canthus, palpate in a lateral direction and locate Tongziliao GB-1 in a bony depression at the outer aspect of the orbit. 


Main actions

  1. Clears Heat in the eyes
  2. Expels Wind from eyes and head
  3. Subdues Liver Yang and Liver Fire


0.2–0.3 cun obliquely in a posterior direction or up to 1 cun transversely towards taiyang Ex-HN-5. 

Commentary for Tongziliao GB-1

As an Eye System point, Tongziliao GB-1 is an important local point and is widely used for many eye related disorders, especially when caused by Heat from Exterior or Interior Wind

It also subdues Liver Fire or Liver Yang as they lead to some symptoms such as migraine headache around the temple or outer corner of the eye.