Jimai LIV-12

Chinese: 急脉

Pinyin: Jí Mài


Interior and lateral to the pubic spine, 2.5 cun lateral to the Qugu REN-2 on the anterior midline and 1 cun inferior to the upper border of the symphysis. 

How to locate

Measure 2.5 cun in a lateral and 1 cun in an inferior direction from Qugu REN-2 which is on the upper border of the pubic symphysis.

In this area, palpate the pulse of the femoral artery and locate LIV-12 medial to the artery. 


Main actions

  1. Dispels Cold from the Liver Channel
  2. Benefits the Lower Burner


Slightly obliquely 0.5-0.8 cun. The LIV-12 should be needled in a medial direction, at least 1 fingerbreadth from the femoral artery,  since the femoral vein also runs medial to the artery. 

Caution: Femoral artery/vein. To avoid injury the vein, the classical book says the LIV-12 should not be needled due to its tricky location. Moxibustion is rather recommended. However, the modern book say the contrary. 


Commentary for Jimai LIV-12

Jimai LIV-12 is not a major point of the Liver Channel

Its main function is to dispel Cold Evil from the Liver Channel and benefit the Lower Burner