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Reviews: 123 reviews

  1. Milk blockages: Clogged milk ducts, Engorgement, Breast hardness and redness, Difficulties releasing milk, More milk in one breast than the other
  2. Heat and toxin issues: Milk blisters or blebs, White spots on nipple, Nipple pain or itchiness, Mastitis and fever, Thrush, Bruised, scabbed or bloody nipples

Quantity: 42 servings (14 large tea bags, each to be re-used 3 times)

Ingredients: 12 natural herbs (view full list). No additives. No preservatives. Zero calories.

Safety: Produced in a FDA-registered facility that follows CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Principles)

The theory behind Unblock Nursing Tea

Unblock Nursing Tea is designed to help with symptoms related to milk blockages and the accumulation of heat and toxins in the breasts.

These symptoms include: blocked ducts, breast lumps and hardness, engorgement, difficulty releasing milk, breast or nipple pain and itching, breast heat and redness, mastitis, blisters on the breasts, nipple fissures, white spots on the nipples, breast thrushes, bruised or scabbed nipples.

Unblock Nursing Tea is an herbal formula that has been used in Asia for more than 1,500 years to deal with such issues. It is full of herbs that are reduce Heat and unblock... more

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My only issue with this is that I did not discover this sooner! Nursing and pumping were easy for me straight after my little one's birth, however, when returning back to work I would constantly get plugged ducts during the week. Most of the time I would massage them out which is super painful. However, about two weeks ago I experienced the worst plugged duct of my breastfeeding life thus far. After a day and a half of pain I actively looked for a solution and purchased this tea. By day 3 the pain was gone, the plug was cleared, and now I drink it as soon as I have a hint plugged ducts might come back. This helps break up plugged ducts without the pain of having to massage the areas. I highly recommend this to any lactating woman. Also, by the way, it tastes very good!

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After a bad case of mastitis that lasted over a month (which is immensely painful!), and out of ideas to solve the issue, a lactation consultant recommended I try this new product. I immediately gave it a try. After months of trying to massage it out by hand expression and bruising myself, after just 2 days of taking the tea - I saw results!!!! While it was small progress, it was progress. I kept at it during about 5 more days, drinking the recommended 3 tea bags a day, and the issue that had me scream in pain for so many weeks totally disappeared!!! As someone who has both an oversupply and chronic mastitis, I highly recommend this to all nursing moms!

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Mixed review. On the one hand I have to say that the tea succeeded in solving my plugged ducts issue. On the other hand I’m not sure what ingredient in the tea caused it but I had quite severe digestion issues after drinking it: diarrhea during a couple of days. So in a way I had to trade off my plugged ducts for diarrhea, not ideal… Still the diarrhea was gone after I stopped drinking the tea so now I have no issue which I guess is a good end to the story.

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I was a little skeptical when reading about this. Chinese medicine always has me suspicious. I still decided to give it a try because I had real bad clogged duct issues. I have to say that it works, no doubt about that. I've tried it on 3 different occasions now when I've had clogged ducts and it cleared the issue every time in 1 to 2 days, it's really effective. It tastes good too which is nice. The only slight criticism I might have is that I tend to have slight digestion issues when I take it, my stools get much looser than usual. No big deal for me given how well it works, loose stools are a cheap price to pay for this :-)

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How to use

Drinking instructions

Each Unblock Nursing Tea bag should be re-used 3 times in order to extract all the herbs' goodness from it. This means one bag of Unblock Nursing Tea makes 3 cups. Each cup should be made according to the instructions above.

Use 3 bags a day if you have pressing symptoms such as blocked ducts, lumps, engorgement, pain and hardness, mastitis or fever.

Use 1 bag a day if your body type, diet or lifestyle makes you particularly prone to issues like blocked ducts or engorgement. One bag a day can help prevent blocked ducts and engorgement as well as ease breast and nipple pains.

Unblock Nursing Tea's specifications

Unblock Nursing Tea's specifications
Product name: Unblock Nursing Tea
Function: Alleviates milk blockages and uneven supply issues*
Price: $16 per box, before discount
Dimensions: 5.5 in. (14cm) x 3.5 in. (9cm) X 2.8 in. (7cm) per box
Weight: 3.72 OZ (105g) per box
Quantity: 42 servings (14 large tea bags, each to be re-used 3 times)
Storage: Please store in a cool and dry place
Ingredients: Dandelions, Goji berries, Greater burdock fruits, Chrysanthemum flowers, Angelica root, Liquorice, Dong quai, Sponge gourd, Platycodon root, Dried ginger, Honeysuckle flowers, Cinnamon bark (more details above)