Dadun LIV-1

Chinese: 大敦

Pinyin: Dà dūn


On the lateral side of the dorsum of the great toe terminal phalanx, between the lateral corner of the nail and interphalangeal joint. 

How to locate

LIV-1 is located at the junction of two tangents along the proximal and lateral borders of the big toe, 0.1 cun from the actual margin of the nail. The other point Yangbai SP-1 is at the medial corner of the big toe. 

Main actions

  1. Regulates Qi in the Lower Bruner, Liver and genitals
  2. Resolves Damp-Heat in the genitourinary system
  3. Regulate menstruation
  4. Restores consciousness


Insert obliquely or vertically by 0.1-0.2 cun. For Excess patterns, prink to bleed. 

Caution: Painful point 

Commentary for Dadun LIV-1

Dadun LIV-1 is the most famous point for treating Shan diseases, which is a broad category of symptoms that are under Hernial and Genitourinary disorders. They can be categorized into three groups: 

  • Hernial type diseases featured by a protrusion of an Organ or tissue out of the abdominal cavity
  • External genitalia diseases of women or men
  • Severe abdominal pain together with constipation and various of urination issues 

The Lower Burner is one of the most obvious place influenced by LIV-1. 

First of all, it resolves Damp-Heat in Lower Burner so as to repair urinary function and external genitalia disharmony. The typical symptoms it can treat are: swelling and pain of the genitalia, pain in the penis, retraction of genitals, swelling of testicles, swelling and redness of vulva, retention of urine, bloody or turbid urine as well as difficult, painful and frequent urination. 

Secondly, it clears Heat in the Blood so as to regulate menstruation. The typical manifestations are: irregular periods, excessive Uterus bleeding or prolapse of the Uterus. 

As the Well-Jing point of Liver Channel, Dadun LIV-1 restores consciousness as well, especially under the attack of acute Wind stroke. 

Finally, Dadun LIV-1 connects to the Gall Bladder Channel via a branch from Zuqiaoyin GB-44 of the 4th toe. It can be influenced by the Gall Bladder Channel. 

Actually for all the Channels that originates at the fingertip or toes, this principle applies. Their first point (Well-Jing) receive Qi and impact from the related Channels which terminate at the finger or toes.

For example, for all the Channels of the Hand (Yang starts while Yin ends):

For all the Channels of the Foot (Yin starts while Yang ends):