Milk Boost Tea's main features

Milk Boost Tea - A unique recipe

A unique recipe

Milk Boost Tea doesn't contain fennel or fenugreek, the main ingredients in virtually all other products. Instead it has 13 awesome plants in a recipe used for centuries by Chinese women to support lactation*.

Milk Boost Tea - Ten times more herb power

Ten times more herb power

Each of our tea bags contains 9.6 grams of natural herbs. This is close to 10 times more than other products! You get much more herbs for a more effective product.

Milk Boost Tea - Designed with freshness in mind

Designed with freshness in mind

Each tea bag is individually packed in an aluminium container so that your herbs arrive to you as fresh and fragrant as when they were packaged.

Milk Boost Tea - Nothing added, 100% pure natural plants

Nothing added, 100% pure natural plants

No trickery in Milk Boost Tea! We add nothing to our teas: no artificial aroma, no preservative, no sugar, nothing! We're 100% natural plants, the way traditional Chinese herbalism has always been done.

Milk Boost Tea - Your safety is our main priority

Your safety is our main priority

Milk Boost Tea is produced in an FDA-registered facility that follows Current Good Manufacturing Principles (CGMPs). We also rigorously lab-test our teas to make they aren't harmful to you or your baby.

The 13 plants in Milk Boost Tea

107 reviews: 5 out of 5 stars


This tastes really good and worked wonders for me. I drank 3 cups the day I received it and the next morning pumped 7 ounces when usually I can only get maybe 2.


Total life saver!!! I was getting really desperate as my little one wasn't getting the milk she needed and was ready to give up. I tried the milk boost tea and in just a few days my milk supply had nearly tripled. Now my baby girl is well fed and on top of that I store gallons of breast milk in the freezer!


Words cannot express how much this tea helped me. A few weeks ago I got a bad case of engorgement and my milk supply went from 40oz a day to less than 20. My 5-month old depends on me for food and was getting extremely worried I couldn't provide enough for him! I searched everywhere for a product to increase my supply urgently but I didn't want anything with fennel or fenugreek because I'd tried it in the past and it didn't work for me. I stumbled upon Me and Qi's tea and decided to give it a shot. My honest review is positive all around. First of all awesome design, kudos to whoever designed the lovely packaging! Secondly each tea bag is nicely wrapped in in their individual packages so all the herbs stay fresh, when you open it it really smells amazing! Lastly and more importantly, it works! After just 5 days of drinking the tea (that's pretty much the only thing I drank all day), my supply was all the way up to 50oz a day, more than before my engorgement issue! So I couldn't recommend it highly enough, if you lack milk you absolutely need to get it!


Milk Boost tea does the work. I used it because I wanted to start pumping on top of breastfeeding my first born. Without it I could only pump a few drops at the end of the day as my baby had drunk everything. With this I manage to pump a good 5oz on each breast! Only small downside is that I'm not a massive fan of the taste, too herbal for me. But I add a bit of honey in it like they recommend on the package and it's ok afterwards.


I tried Milk Boost after trying another tea that simply didn't work at all for me (Mother's Milk, not to name it...). With Milk Boost, I saw an immediate impact on my milk flow. Before my baby was often struggling while breastfeeding because the flow was either slow or too difficult for her. After a couple days of drinking this tea, she was just drinking normally and was full after just 10min. I love the taste of this tea too, there are notes of cinnamon which are really nice. I drinking 1-3 cups a day and it keeps my milk flow going.


I'm a mom of three kids. My third baby is currently 2 and half months. I have been ebf him since he was born. I take Milk Boost tea first thing in the morning every day. I really feel my breastfeeding is better compared to my first two kids. I've just never had a supply issue this time when it used to be a real struggle with the first 2. I recommend this product!!

Chinese herbalism on breast milk production

Traditional Chinese herbalism believes there may be several reasons behind a lack of milk or a low quality milk supply. The most common one is because you might have low levels of Qi (life force) or Blood (a similar but slightly different concept from modern medicine’s blood). It’s normal, a nursing mom needs much more Qi and Blood than usual and her supplies have been depleted during the act of birth-giving.

Chinese herbalism believes that Qi and Blood are the two key ingredients in the production of breast milk so Milk Boost Tea is packed with natural plants that help you stimulate your Qi and Blood production*. 

Another common reason for low levels of breast milk is because of a so-called "Liver Qi Stagnation", an issue where Qi gets blocked in the Liver and cannot flow freely to the breasts. Indeed, according to Chinese herbalism, the Liver is directly connected to the breasts via a Meridian, the pathways through which your Qi flows. If that pathway is blocked, Qi cannot freely flow to your breasts to help you produce breast milk. 

Milk Boost Tea therefore also contains plants specifically aimed at unblocking your Liver and therefore helping your Qi freely flow to your breasts*. Interestingly, the Liver is also believed to play a key role in controlling your mood. Therefore a sign to see if you may have stagnant Liver Qi is if you feel anxious and irritable, a common association.

Milk Boost Tea aims to both supply Qi and Blood to your body and unblock eventual "Liver Qi Stagnation" issues*. The recipe we use has been refined over centuries and has helped countless breastfeeding women. It contains 13 different plants, each with a role to play.

For instance the flowering quince fruit, one of our main ingredients, is a pear-shaped fruit known for its ability to tonify the flow of both Blood and Qi. It targets the Liver and hence is ideal to help with a "Liver Qi Stagnation" issue*. Another one of our ingredients, the sponge gourd, is famous for its role in removing obstructions and promoting the circulation of fluids. It is often used in Chinese herbalism to promote lactation*.

You can read more about the role of all 13 natural plants in Milk Boost Tea by going through each one of our ingredients below.

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Milk Boost Tea's specifications

Milk Boost Tea's specifications
Product name: Milk Boost Tea
Function: Promotes healthy breast milk production*
Price: $16 per box, before discount
Dimensions: 5.5 in. (14cm) x 3.5 in. (9cm) X 2.8 in. (7cm) per box
Weight: 4.74 OZ (134g) per box
Servings: 42 servings (14 tea bags) per box
Storage: Please store in a cool and dry place
Ingredients: Flowering quince, Poria-cocos mushroom, Kudzu root, Sponge gourd, Dong quai, Rose flowers, Angular solomon's seal root, Liquorice, King solomon's seal root, Cinnamon bark, Amomum fruit, Yam, Longan (more details above)

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