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  1. Higher breast milk supply
  2. Postpartum recovery
  3. Breast milk nutritional qualities

Quantity: 42 servings (14 large tea bags, each to be re-used 3 times)

Ingredients: 13 natural herbs (view full list). No additives. No preservatives. Zero calories.

Safety: Produced in a FDA-registered facility that follows CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Principles)

The theory behind Milk Boost Tea

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, a lack of breast milk or breast milk with poor nutritional qualities can be due to three key causes. Milk Boost Tea contains herbs designed to tackle each of these causes. We explain each cause below.

Qi and Blood Deficiency

Common symptoms of Qi and Blood Deficiency include: Watery and pale milk, Soft breasts, Hair loss, Pale face & lips, Fatigue and low energy, Dry skin, Spontaneous flow of milk, Poor appetite.

The most common cause for a lack of milk, affecting about 70% of concerned mothers. It makes sense, a nursing mom needs much more Qi... more

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Words cannot express how much this tea helped me. A few weeks ago I got a bad case of engorgement and my milk supply went from 40oz a day to less than 20. My 5-month old depends on me for food and was getting extremely worried I couldn't provide enough for him! I searched everywhere for a product to increase my supply urgently but I didn't want anything with fennel or fenugreek because I'd tried it in the past and it didn't work for me. I stumbled upon Me and Qi's tea and decided to give it a shot. My honest review is positive all around. First of all awesome design, kudos to whoever designed the lovely packaging! Secondly each tea bag is nicely wrapped in in their individual packages so all the herbs stay fresh, when you open it it really smells amazing! Lastly and more importantly, it works! After just 5 days of drinking the tea (that's pretty much the only thing I drank all day), my supply was all the way up to 50oz a day, more than before my engorgement issue! So I couldn't recommend it highly enough, if you lack milk you absolutely need to get it!

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The tea works very efficiently, no question there. I drank it a whole day and the day after my breasts had so much milk that I had to pump like mad on top of feeding my little one. I'm not a big fan of the taste though. I know it's full of plants but to me the taste is just too "herbal". Adding honey helps though.

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By far the best lactation tea out there, hands down! First, finally a tea that gives you more than a few pinches of herbs. With Milk Boost tea each tea bag has like 2 big tablespoons of herbs. Second, I love that they went a different direction from all the other teas, seeking inspiration from Traditional Chinese Medicine. You can shit on China all you like but they’ve studied herbs for many centuries and have a much stronger tradition than the West in that regard. Third and last, it works! The increase in my breastmilk supply was impressive, to say the least. I went from barely feeding my baby girl to being able to store lots of milk in my freezer every day. All in all, an excellent product!

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A fantastic product! When I first tried it I had my doubts as the brand is not super famous (at least to me) but it turned out amazingly effective. I drank it during 2 days before I saw a massive increase in my supply. We're speaking double what it used to be before! Pro-tip: follow their guidelines and do drink 3 tea bags a day at the beginning. The more you drink, the bigger the effect. Only one cup is not enough. When my supply decreases I basically switch to Milk Boost Tea and drink it all day long instead of water. Pro-tip 2: add a little bit of honey to the tea if you have a sweet tooth like me ;-)

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How to use

Drinking instructions

Each Milk Boost Tea bag should be re-used 3 times in order to extract all the herbs' goodness from it. This means one bag of Milk Boost Tea makes 3 cups. Each cup should be made according to the instructions above.

Use 3 bags a day if you have pressing symptoms such as low milk supply, postpartum fatigue or pale and watery breast milk.

Use 1 bag a day if you want to balance your overall postpartum health and maintain a healthy milk supply.

Milk Boost Tea's specifications

Milk Boost Tea's specifications
Product name: Milk Boost Tea
Function: Promotes healthy breast milk production*
Price: $16 per box, before discount
Dimensions: 5.5 in. (14cm) x 3.5 in. (9cm) X 2.8 in. (7cm) per box
Weight: 4.74 OZ (134g) per box
Quantity: 42 servings (14 large tea bags, each to be re-used 3 times)
Storage: Please store in a cool and dry place
Ingredients: Flowering quince, Poria-cocos mushroom, Kudzu root, Sponge gourd, Dong quai, Rose flowers, Angular solomon's seal root, Liquorice, King solomon's seal root, Cinnamon bark, Amomum fruit, Yam, Longan (more details above)