Zhongfeng LIV-4

Chinese: 中封

Pinyin: Zhōng Fēng


1 cun anterior to the tip of medial malleolus, in the depression on the medial side of the tendon of the tibialis anterior. 

How to locate

With slight ankle dorsiflexion, the tendon of the tibialis anterior muscles becomes more pronounced on the medial aspect of the ankle. Zhongfeng LIV-4 is located in the depression between the tendon and the tip of the medial malleolus. 

Main actions

  1. Invigorates Liver Qi in the Lower Burner
  2. Clears Dampness in the genitourinary system


Puncture vertically 0.3-0.5 cun. 

Commentary for Zhongfeng LIV-4

Zhongfeng LIV-4 is mainly used to treat Liver Qi Stagnation that causes distension in the Lower Burner, especially in the genitourinary system. The main symptoms are hypogastric and abdominal distension as well as umbilical pain. 

Like Dadun LIV-1 and Taichong LIV-3, it also clears Dampness so as to treats Shan disorder (Hernial and Genitourinary Disorders). Other main manifestations are difficult and painful urination, turbid or retention of urine as well as lower abdomen swelling.