Sanyinjiao SP-6

Chinese: 三阴交

Pinyin: Sān Yīn Jiāo


3 cun directly above the tip of the medial malleolus, on the posterior border of the tibia, on the line drawn from the medial malleolus to Yinlingquan SP-9

How to locate

Find the tip of the medial malleolus and measure 3 cun superiorly. Locate Sanyinjiao SP-6 in a depression at the posterior border of the tibia medial crest. 

Sanyinjiao SP-6 is often sensitive to pressure. This feature can be used as reference to identify the point. 

Main actions

  1. Tonifies the Spleen and Stomach
  2. Resolves Dampness and benefits urination
  3. Removes Liver Qi Stagnation
  4. Tonifies Kidney Qi
  5. Calms the Mind
  6. Eliminates Blood Stagnation
  7. Cools Blood
  8. Nourishes Blood and Yin
  9. Regulates the Uterus and menstruation


Vertically or obliquely 1–2 cun.

Caution: Contraindicated during pregnancy, particularly with reducing needle techniques, exception: to promote labor.

Commentary for Sanyinjiao SP-6

Sanyinjiao SP-6 is the most important one of all points, with various of functions. 

Most importantly, it strongly tonifies the Spleen and Stomach against all types of Deficiency patterns of these two Organs, characterized by chronic fatigue, loose stools, poor appetite and abdominal pain. These two Organs supply Food Essence, Blood and Qi to all parts of the body. Thus SP-6 has a powerful effect in tonifying Qi and Blood, especially in the Middle Burner

The Spleen rules the transformation and transportation of the Body Fluids. Thus the malfunctioning Spleen gives rise to Dampness. SP-6 is one of the most important points for resolving Dampness in the Lower Burner, especially when the Pernicious Factor is combined with Heat or Coldness. Typical manifestations include vaginal discharge, mucus in the stools, abdominal pain and scrotum or vagina itchiness. 

On top of that, many urination difficulties are caused by obstructed Dampness in the Lower Burner, such as painful and turbid urination or retention of urine. SP-6 is able to remove this obstruction and eases pain. 

Furthermore, it removes Blood Stagnation in Lower Burner, such as the Uterus and Intestines. Therefore, it treats symptoms such as irregular menstruation, infertility, excessive uterine bleeding, clotted dark-colored blood, painful periods or bloody stools. In fact, Sanyinjiao SP-6 is one of the most important point in treating any gynecological diseases, as it regulates the Uterus. 

It cools the Blood as well. The Blood Heat can be an Exterior Pernicious Factor invading the Blood Level of the Four Level Theory or Interior Heat that cause various skin issues. 

As its name 'Three Yin Intersection' indicate, Sanyinjiao SP-6 is the crossing point of the Spleen, Liver and Kidney Channel. Therefore, it is able to treat disharmonies of these three Leg Yin Channels. Most importantly, it removes Liver Qi Stagnation, especially in the Lower Burner, characterized by symptoms such as abdominal pain and distension, constipation with small bitty stools and painful periods.

Secondly, it nourishes Yin of the three Yin Channels. Kidney Yin Deficiency is the most prominent one, with typical manifestations such as dizziness, tinnitus, night sweating, feeling of heat, dry mouth and etc. Blood is part of Yin, thus SP-6 nourishes Blood as well, especially when it is needled together with Zusanli ST-36

By promoting the Liver Qi circulation and nourishing Blood and Yin, SP-6 calm the Mind as well, so as to ease irritability and insomnia. When the Spleen fails to create sufficient Blood to the Heart and leads to Heart Blood Deficient, the Mind loses its residence and floats at night, thus the symptoms as insomnia or dream disturbed sleeps.