Kidney Primary Channel

Chinese: 足少阴肾经

Pinyin: Zú Shǎo Yīn Shèn Jīng

Pathway for Kidney Primary Channel

The external pathway: 

  • The Kidney Primary Channel originates beneath the little toe. It connects to Zhiyin BL-67 of the Bladder Primary Channel and forms the Foot Yin-Yang circuit. 
  • It then flows to Yongquan KID-1 under the foot sole and then Rangu KID-2 below the navicular tuberosity. 
  • The Channel continues to Taixi KID-3 posterior to the medial malleolus, descends through the heel and then ascends to Zhaohai KID-6 below the medial malleolus. 
  • The pathway then ascends the medial aspect of the lower leg, crossing Spleen Channel at Sanyinjiao SP-6
  • It continues going up along the postero-medial aspect of the thigh and reaches the perineum. 
  • From there, it ascends to the lower abdomen at Hengu KID-11 on the pubic bone. 
  • The external pathway continues going up 0.5 cun lateral to the anterior midline until reaching Youmen KID-21.
  • Then the distance to the anterior midline increases to 2 cun until the infraclavicular fossa, where Shufu KID-27 is located. 

The internal pathway: 

Kidney Divergent Channel

Chinese: 足少阴经别

Pinyin: Zú Shǎo Yīn Jīng Bié

Kidney Divergent Channel

Pathway for Kidney Divergent Channel

  • The Kidney Divergent Channel separates from the Primary Channel at Yinggu KID-10 in the popliteal fossa. 
  • It ascends along the Bladder Divergent Channel on the thigh and passes Weizhong BL-40 of the center of popliteal fossa and Chengfu BL-36 of the gluteal crease center.
  • It then penetrates the anus and connects to the Kidneys. 
  • Continuing going up to Shenshu BL-23 around the spinous process of the second lumbar vertebra (L2), it then splits to two branches: 
    • One branch follows the Girdling Vessel around the waist to the abdomen. 
    • One branch continues ascending to the root of the tongue. It then turn around to the nape of the neck and converge with the Bladder Primary Channel around Tianzhu BL-10


Kidney Sinew Channel

Chinese: 足少阴经筋

Pinyin: Zú Shǎo Yīn Jīng Jīn

Pathway for Kidney Sinew Channel

  • The Kidney Sinew Channel originates beneath the little toe. 
  • After crossing the foot sole diagonally, it connects to the Spleen Sinew Channel and binds at the medial malleolus.
    • A small branch travels to the calcaneus from there. 
  • The main Sinew Channel ascends the  posteromedial aspect of the leg and binds at the medial condyle of the tibia. 
  • Crossing the Bladder Sinew Channel, it continues running up along the medial surface of the thigh and binds above the external genitalia around Zhongji REN-3 and Qugu REN-2, where it also connects to other Yin Sinew Channels. 
    • Then an internal branch runs through the abdomen, ascending the spinal vertebrae all the way to the neck nape, where it connects to the Bladder Sinew Channel, around Tianzhu BL-10

Kidney Luo-Connecting Vessel System

Chinese: 足少阴络脉

Pinyin: Zú Shǎo Yīn Luò Mài

Pathway for Kidney Luo-Connecting Vessel System

  • The Kidney Luo-Connecting Vessel separates from the Primary Channel at Dazhong KID-4, on the posterior aspect of the medial malleolus. 
  • It curves around the heel and enters internally to connect with the Bladder Channel
  • It then follows the Kidney Primary Channel to Shanzhong REN-17 in the middle of the two nipples. 
  • Then the pathway goes internally. It runs through the chest to the spine and spreads in the lumber vertebrae.