Qugu REN-2

Chinese: 曲骨

Pinyin: Qū Gǔ


On the midline of abdomen, just on the upper border of the symphysis pubis. 

How to locate

On the midline of the lower abdomen, about 5 cun below umbilicus. It is the meeting point between the Directing Vessel and Liver Channel

In the pubic area, locate the upper border of the pubic symphysis. Locate Qugu REN-2 directly above the upper border of the pubic symphysis. 

Main actions

  1. Benefits the Bladder and regulates urination
  2. Strengthens Essences
  3. Warms and invigorates the Kidneys


Vertically 0.5-1 cun. 

Caution: be careful with Peritoneum. Take great care during pregnancy. Need to empty the Bladder before needling. 

Commentary for Qugu REN-2

Due to Huiyin REN-1's inconvenience location, Qugu REN-2 is a good replacement to resolve Dampness in the genital area. Therefore, it treats Shan disorder (Hernial and Genitourinary Disorders) and various urination issues such as dribbling, retention or difficulties of urination. 

On top of that, it also consolidates and strengthens the Essence, so as to treats seminal emissions and premature ejaculation in men as well as chronic vaginal discharge in women.

Finally it tonifies the Kidneys and eases the exhaustion of the five Yin Organs.