Girdle Vessel

Chinese: 带脉

Pinyin: Dài mài

Girdle Vessel

Pathway for Girdle Vessel

As its name indicates, the Girdle Vessel is like a belt around the abdomen and back, dividing the body into the upper and lower halves. 

  • It originates from the hypochondrium area around Zhangmen LIV-13
  • It then runs down to Daimai GB-26, Wushu GB-27 and Weidao GB-28 on the side abdomen, above the hip. 
  • In the front, the pathway connects the two points of GB-28. 
  • In the back, it connects the two points of LIV-13, at the level of Shenshu BL-23 which is on the lower border of the spinous process of the 2nd lumber vertebra (L2). This is where the vessel crosses the Kidney Divergent Channel