Tianzhu BL-10

Chinese: 天柱

Pinyin: Tiān Zhù


1.3 cun lateral to Yamen DU-15 on the posterior midline, 0.5 cun above the posterior hairline, on the lateral side of trapezius muscle. 

How to locate

The patients are recommended to put their head in a straight and relaxed position for better identification of the point. 

Locate Fengchi GB-20 below the lower border of the occiput and between the insertions of the sternocleidomastoid and trapezius muscles. 

Locate Tianzhu BL-10 by palpating from GB-20 at 45° in a medial and inferior direction until reaching a halt against the bulge of the trapezius muscle. 

Or place left middle finger on GB-20 on the left side, then the index finger should point to BL-10. 

Main actions

  1. Tonifies Yang and the Greater Yang Channels
  2. Expels Exterior Wind
  3. Pacifies Interior Wind and subdues Liver Yang
  4. Clears the Brain and benefits the sense orifices
  5. Calms the Mind
  6. Removes obstruction from the Channel


0.5–1 cun vertically or slightly obliquely in a dorsal direction.

Caution: Do not needle in a superior direction.

Commentary for Tianzhu BL-10

The two Great Yang Channels (Small Intestine Hand and Bladder Foot) are the most 'Yang' and the most Exterior ones out of the 14 Channels. Tianzhu BL-10 is located around the occiput on top of the body. It acts like a Yang Qi gate balancing the Yang flow to and from the head, making it even more 'Yang' comparing to other points of the Great Yang Channels. It is a Window of Heaven point, which implies this Yang regulating function as well. 

It is able to tonify Yang in case of Yang Deficiency in lower limbs. Thus it strengthens the legs in order to support the body. 

On the other hand, it is indicated for Excess patterns such as Exterior Yang Pernicious Factors invasion such as Wind. Typical manifestations include aversion to cold, fever, stiff neck and general body aches.

It also extinguishes Interior Wind by subduing Liver Yang Rising or Rebellious Liver Qi from the upper body, characterized by symptoms such as dizziness, headache, muscle pain, stiff neck, epilepsy and general feeling of heaviness. Excess Yang may also cause mental disorders or manic behaviors such as incessant talking or hallucinations. 

Furthermore, Tianzhu BL-10 can be used to clear the Brain and promote better memory and concentration. It is because it's the point where Bladder Channel goes to the Brain. 

The Eye System also emerges from the Brain at BL-10, thus it benefits the eyes and other sense orifices. This is particularly the case if the disorders are due to Kidney Deficiency

Finally, Tianzhu BL-10 removes obstructions from the Channel with Reducing Needle Method. Patients usually suffer from body pain, especially in the shoulders and back.