Jiaoxin KID-8

Chinese: 交信

Pinyin: Jiāo Xìn


2 cun above Taixi KID-3, 0.5  cun anterior to Fuliu KID-7, posterior to the medial border of tibia. 

How to locate

First identify Taixi KID-3 in a depression between the medial malleolus and Achilles tendon, level with the tip of the medial malleolus. 

Then identify Fuliu KID-7 by measuring 2 cun towards the knee, in a depression at the anterior border of the Achilles tendon. 

Jiaoxin KID-8 is at the same level as KID-7, approximately 0.5 cun closer to the border of the tibia. 

Main actions

  1. Removes Obstructions from the Channel and Vessel
  2. Regulates menstruation
  3. Resolves Dampness


Vertically 0.5–1 cun

Commentary for Jiaoxin KID-8

Jiaoxin KID-8 is the Accumulation-Xi point of the Yin Stepping Vessel (Yin Qiao Mai), which means it can be stimulated in acute Excess patterns to stop pain. 

It is particularly useful in removing obstructions from the Yin Stepping Vessel by invigorating Qi, thus it eliminates abdominal masses and pain, especially for women. 

Furthermore, it regulates the menstruation, especially if the disharmony is caused by Blood Stagnation in the Uterus

Finally, it resolves Dampness so that it treats various urinary or genitalia disorders.