Shanzhong REN-17

Chinese: 膻中

Pinyin: Shān Zhōng


On the midline of the chest, on the level of the 4th intercostal space or nipples. 

How to locate

The quickest the way is to locate Shanzhong REN-17 on the stermum in the middle of the two nipples. 

Main actions

  1. Tonifies Qi, especially the Gathering Qi (Zong Qi)
  2. Opens the chest and regulates Qi
  3. Descends Lung and Stomach Qi
  4. Benefits the breasts and promote lactation


0.5–1 cun transversely in a superior or inferior direction. 

When used for the breasts disorders, it is inserted towards the affected breast.

Commentary for Shanzhong REN-17

Shanzhong REN-17 is a major point for Qi Deficiency. In fact, it is not only the Gather-Hui point for Qi, but also a Sea of Qi point. 

It is effective in tonifying the Zong Qi in the chest, mainly the Heart and Lung Qi. Therefore, it can treat weak voice, tiredness, propensity to catching colds and spontaneous sweating. 

Together with Zusanli ST-36, Zhongwan REN-12 and Qihai REN-6, it is able to strengthen the Spleen and Kidney Qi. 

Apart from Qi tonifying, it can also be stimulated to open the chest and regulate Qi there to ease pain and fullness, feeling of constriction, tightness and oppression in the chest. 

It also helps to ease short of breath due to various patterns, such as Rebellious Lung Qi, Lung Qi Deficiency, Heart Qi Deficiency or Phlegm in the chest

Finally, Shanzhong REN-17 benefits the breasts and increases postpartum breast milk supply. The insufficient supply can be due to Qi and Blood Deficiency or Qi Stagnation