Taixi KID-3

Chinese: 太溪

Pinyin: Tài Xī


In the depression between the medial malleolus tip and Achilles tendon (Calcaneal tendon), level with the tip of the medial malleolus. 

How to locate

Identify the tip of the medial malleolus and glide finger horizontally towards the Achilles tendon.

Taixi KID-3 is located in a depression that can be palpated anterior to the tendon.

Commentary for Taixi KID-3

Taixi KID-3 is an extremely important point due to its powerful tonifying effect on the Kidneys. In fact, it can be indicated for all types of Kidney Deficiency patterns such as Kidney Deficiency of Yin, Yang, Qi, Essence and its inability to receive Qi from the Lungs. It is often used together with Shenshu BL-23 and Guanyuan REN-4

It is also the Source-Yuan point of the Channel, which allow it to go directly to the core of the Original Qi

Mostly importantly, it tonifies both Kidney Yin and Yang. Typical manifestations are backache,
dizziness, tinnitus, exhaustion, feeling cold, frequent urination, cold and weak knees and etc. The patients might be also suffer from Empty-Heat if Yin Deficiency persists for a very long time, characterized by dry throat, night sweating and hot palms and soles. 

Secondly, Taixi KID-3 tonifies Essence, bones and Marrow. Typical symptoms include seminal emissions, nocturnal emissions, impotence, premature ejaculation and poor sexual ability. 

Stronger Essence benefits the Uterus, thus Taixi KID-3 is able to treat various gynecological disorders such as irregular periods, infertility, scanty or heavy periods

Finally, the point also strengthens the lower back and knees since the Kidneys rule these two parts of the body. Symptoms include lower back pain, weak knees, knees pain or cold legs. 

Needling is usually applied for Taixi KID-3 apart from the case of Kidney Yang Deficiency, in which case, moxibustion is used more often.