Rangu KID-2

Chinese: 然谷

Pinyin: Rán Gǔ


Anterior and inferior to the medial malleolus tip, in the depression on the lower border of the navicular bone, at the border of the 'red and white' skin. 

How to locate

Palpate from distal to proximal along the tarsal section of the medial aspect of the foot, past the shaft and the head of the 1st metatarsal bone and the medial cuneiform bone, finally reaching the prominent navicular bone.

Locate Rangu KID-2 anterior to the navicular bone, at the inferior angle of the joint between the medial cuneiform bone and the navicular bone.

Main actions

  1. Cools the Blood and clears Empty-Heat
  2. Regulates the Kidneys
  3. Regulates the Lower Burner


0.5–1 cun vertically below the border of the bone, from the medial aspect of the foot, 

Commentary for Rangu KID-2

Rangu KID-2 is the Spring-Ying Point with various functions, particularly for Excess patterns. 

Most importantly, it is a major point in clearing Empty-Heat, especially from the Kidneys. However, it is also able to clear Lung Empty-Heat when combined with Yuji LU-10 or clear Heart Empty-Heat when used with Yinxi HE-6. Typical manifestations are malar flush, five-palm heat, feeling of heat in the evening or afternoon, mental restlessness, dry throat and mouth at night as well as thirst without desire to drink. 

Secondly, it regulates Qi and Blood in the Lower Burner, especially for the Kidney Channel and the Yin Stepping Vessel points in the Lower Burner. Typical  symptoms are genitalia itching, infertility, irregular menstruation, difficult urination, unilateral abdominal pain and abdominal masses.