Changqiang Du-1

Chinese: 长强

Pinyin: Cháng Qiáng


Midway between the tip of the coccyx and the anus.

How to locate

From the tip of the coccyx, palpate with pressure towards the anus. Changqiang DU-1 is located in the midpoint. 

Main actions

  1. Regulates Governing and Directing Vessels
  2. Regulates the two lower orifices
  3. Calms the Mind
  4. Removes Dampness


0.5–1 cun vertically. 

Caution: Avoid puncturing the rectum. 

Commentary for Changqiang Du-1

Changqiang DU-1 is the meeting point of the Directing and Governing Vessel, thus it regulates both extradentary Vessels and removes their obstructions.

It regulates the two lower orifices, so as to treat painful urination, urinary difficulty, retention of urine, dark urine, haemorrhoids, difficult defecation, diarrhoea and prolapse of rectum. 

It is able to treat haemorrhoids by removing Damp-Heat from the anus. It is also widely used to cure rectum prolapse. 

The Governing Vessel has a substantial influence over the Mind (Shen), as it passes the Kidney Essence, in the form of Marrow, to the Brain. As the starting point of the Vessel, Changqiang DU-1 can be stimulated to influence the Brain on the other end of the Vessel. Thus it opens the Mind's orifices and calm the Mind

Finally, it expels Interior Wind as well, so as to treat opisthotonos, tetany, epilepsy or tremor of head.