Guanchong TB-1

Chinese: 关冲

Pinyin: Guān Chōng


On the lateral side of the ring finger, about 0.1 cun posterior to the corner of the nail. 

How to locate

Guanchong TB-1 is located at the junction of two tangents along the proximal and lateral borders of the ring finger. 0.1 cun from the actual margin of the nail.

Main actions

  1. Expels Exterior Wind
  2. Benefits the ears
  3. Clears Pericardium Heat and benefits the tongue
  4. Clears Upper Burner Heat
  5. Removes Obstruction from the Channel


Approximately 0.2 cun vertically or obliquely in a proximal direction or prick to bleed.

Caution: Avoid needling too close to the nail

Commentary for Guanchong TB-1

One of Guanchong TB-1's main function is to expel Exterior Wind and it is used in both the Greater Yang and the Lesser Yang stage of the Six Stage Theory. The typical symptoms are febrile disease, aversion to cold, fever as well as alternation of feeling of cold and heat. 

It is also able to clear Heat of the Upper Burner, so as to treat red eye, dry mouth and bitter taste in the mouth. 

Another of its function is to benefit the ears, like many other Triple Burner Channel points. TB-1 has impact on the ears via its own Channel as well as Gall Bladder Channel. Both are related within Shao-Yang (Lessor Yang). The conditions are often acute, such as ear infection by Wind-Heat Invasion. Other typical manifestations are ear pain, ear discharge, otitis, ear itching, eczema in the ears, etc. 

Many Kidney Channel points are also able to treat ear disorders but the conditions are rather chronic. These points can be stimulated to transport Qi and Essence to the ears to promote good hearing and treat diseases such as slow-onset tinnitus or deafness. 

Furthermore, TB-1 is a very effective distal point in removing Obstructions from the Channel, especially for shoulder problems along the Triple Burner Channel. 

Finally, TB-1 also connects to Pericardium Channel at Zhongchong P-9 at the center of the tip of the middle finger. Thus TB-1 is indicated for many tongue related disorders, when excessive Pericardium Heat flows into the Triple Burner Channel. It is because the Heart/Pericardium opens to the tongue. Typical manifestations are heart pain, stiff tongue, curled tongue, pain at the root of the tongue or cracked tongue. 

Actually for all the Channels that originates at the fingertip or toes, this principle applies. Their first point (Well-Jing) receive Qi and impact from the related Channels which terminate at the finger or toes.

For example, for all the Channels of the Hand (Yang starts while Yin ends):

For all the Channels of the Foot (Yin starts while Yang ends):