Heart Primary Channel

Chinese: 手少阴心经

Pinyin: Shǒu Shào Yīn Xīn Jīng

Pathway for Heart Primary Channel

The internal pathway: 

  • The Heart Primary Channel of Hand Shao-Yin originates from the Heart
  • It emerges from the blood vessel system surrounding the Heart and runs to the Lungs. 
  • It then descends and emerges in the center of the axilla at Jiquan HE-1, which is the starting point of the external pathway. 

The external pathway: 

  • The Channel continues descending along the medial aspect of the upper arm between the Lung and Pericardium Channel
  • Reaching Shaohai HE-3 at the elbow, it descends further along the antero-medial lower arm to Shenmen HE-7 at the pisiform bone of the wrist. 
  • It then runs through the palm between the fourth and fifth metacarpal bones. 
  • Continues travelling along the radial aspect of the little finger, it finally terminates at Shaochong HE-9 at the radial corner of the nail. 


  • 1st branch: An internal branch separates from the Heart, ascends along the oesophagus and the neck region, passes the face and cheek and finally disperses around eye issues. 
  • 2nd branch: The other internal branch also originates from the Heart. It then descends through diaphragm and connects with the Small Intestine

Heart Divergent Channel

Chinese: 手少阴经别

Pinyin: Shǒu Shào Yīn Jīng Bié

Heart Divergent Channel

Pathway for Heart Divergent Channel

Heart Sinew Channel

Chinese: 手少阴经筋

Pinyin: Shǒu Shào Yīn Jīng Jīn

Pathway for Heart Sinew Channel

  • The Heart Sinew Channel starts from the radial aspect of the little finger. 
  • After binding at the pisiform bone at Shenmen HE-7, it ascends the anterior and ulnar aspect of the forearm and binds again at Shaohai HE-3 at the elbow. 
  • It continues ascending the anterior part of the upper arm, arrives at the axillary region and binds there again. This is also the place it meets with the Lung Sinew Channel
  • From the axillary region, it goes deeper into the body, penetrates the chest and binds at Shanzhong REN-17 at the body midline. 
  • It then descends and penetrates the diaphragm and finally ends at the umbilicus. 

Heart Luo-Connecting Vessel System

Chinese: 手少阴络脉

Pinyin: Shǒu Shào Yīn Luò Mài

Heart Luo-Connecting Vessel System

Pathway for Heart Luo-Connecting Vessel System

  • Heart Luo-Connecting Vessel System separates from the primary channel at its Luo-Connecting point of Tongli HE-5
  • It then spreads like a reticulate network, which is composed of many branches and sub-branches such as Sun Luo or Fu Luo. 
    • Sun Luo (Grandson Vessel): The small connecting vessels across the body. 
    • Fu Luo (Floating Vessel): Vessels of the skin. 
  • One branch connects with the Small Intestine Primary Channel. 
  • One branch follows its own Primary Channel to the Heart, bypassing the anterior arm, axilla and chest. 
  • From the Heart, it then ascends to the root of the tongue and terminates in the eye. 
  • Some books claim that the branch continues internally to the Brain.