Zhongchong P-9

Chinese: 中冲

Pinyin: Zhōng Chōng


In the center of the tip of the middle finger. 

How to locate

Locate Zhongchong P-9 at the most distal point on the tip of the middle finger. 

Main actions

  1. Clears Heat
  2. Restores consciousness
  3. Expels Interior Wind


Vertically 0.1–0.2 cun or prick to bleed.

Caution: Painful point.

Commentary for Zhongchong P-9

Zhongchong P-9's main function is to clear various Heat, regardless being Exterior or Interior Heat.

In acute situation, the Exterior Heat penetrates the Defensive Qi and invades the Nutritive Qi Level of the Four Levels Theory. The typical symptoms are fever and loss of consciousness.

In chronic situation, the Interior Heat gives rise to mental disorders such as anxiety, agitation, palpitation and insomnia. Thus it calms the Mind

Together with other Well points of the hand, Zhongchong P-9 is also used to expel Interior Wind and regain consciousness, especially for patients under acute Wind-stroke attack.