Zuqiaoyin GB-44

Chinese: 足窍阴

Pinyin: Zú Qiào Yīn


On the lateral side of the 4th toe, about 0.1 cun posterior to the corner of the nail. 

How to locate

Zuqiaoyin GB-44 is at the junction of the two tangents along the proximal and lateral borders of the 4th toe. 


0.1 cun vertically or 0.2 cun obliquely in a proximal direction or prick to bleed. 

Commentary for Zuqiaoyin GB-44

Zuqiaoyin GB-44 is widely used for subduing Liver Yang, in order to ease migraine headache around the eyes. 

It also clears Heat and brightens the eye. Typical symptoms include outer canthus pain as well as redness, swelling and pain of the eye. 

Finally, by subduing Liver Yang or Liver Fire, it calms the Mind. Therefore, it treats manifestations such as insomnia, anxiety or somnolence.