Heat in Uterus Blood

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At a glance

Key attributes

Chinese name: 胞宫血热      Pinyin name: Bāo Gōng Xuè Rè

Pattern nature: Full

Pattern hierarchy: Specific pattern under Heat in the Blood


Common symptoms: Anger Thirst Anxiety Red face Dark Urine and six other symptoms

Pulse type(s): Rapid (Shu), Wiry (Xian)

Tongue description: Red tongue with yellow coating


Treatment principle: Stop bleeding, clear Heat in the Blood.

Common formulas: Qing Re Gu Jing Tang Huai Jiao Wan


Long term emotional stress such as anger, frustration and resentment, or a sudden emotional upset can lead to Liver Qi Stagnation. If untreated for a while, it can then develops to Liver Fire or Heat, which agitates the Blood, As a result an excessive amount of Blood leaks out of vessels. If the Blood Heat happens in the Uterus, it causes the heavy menstruation, sudden flooding or dragged leaking, dark and sticky blood and etc. 

External factors such as an excessive consumption of spicy & hot food or alcohol as well as overexposure to hot environment can also cause Heat in the Blood. 

The treatment principle is to clear Heat, cool Blood and stop bleeding. Huai Jiao Wan and Qing Re Gu Jing Tang is a good herbal formula for this.

Diagnosing Heat in Uterus Blood

Pulse type(s): Rapid (Shu) or wiry (Xian)

Tongue description: Red tongue with yellow coating

Main symptoms: Anger Thirst Anxiety Red face Dark Urine Constipation Heavy periods Dark colored blood Flooding and leaking Sticky menstrual blood Flooding suddenly before schedule

Diagnosis commentary: Key characteristic symptoms of this pattern are the sudden or heavy Uterus bleeding.

Treating Heat in Uterus Blood

Treatment principle

Stop bleeding, clear Heat in the Blood

Herbal formulas used to treat Heat in Uterus Blood

Huai Jiao Wan

Source date: 1107 AD

Number of ingredients: 6 herbs

Key actions: Clears heat from the Intestines. Stops bleeding. Disperses wind. Regulates Qi.

Formula summary

Huai Jiao Wan is a 6-ingredient Chinese Medicine formula. Invented in 1107 AD, it belongs to the category of formulas that stop bleeding.

Besides Heat in Uterus Blood, Huai Jiao Wan is also used to treat Heat in the Blood.

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Qing Re Gu Jing Tang

Source date: 1988

Number of ingredients: 11 herbs

Key actions: Clears Empty Heat. Tonifies the Kidney Yin. Stops bleeding. Supplies Body Fluids.

Formula summary

Qing Re Gu Jing Tang is a 11-ingredient Chinese Medicine formula.

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Consequence patterns

Loss of Blood

This is an Excess case. The Heat makes the Blood reckless and leak out of the vessels as the form of heavy period, prolonged period or sudden unexpected profuse uterus bleeding. The Blood is fresh red or dark and the quantity is often profuse.