Loss of Blood

At a glance

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Key attributes

Chinese name: 失血       Pinyin name: Shī Xuè

Pattern nature: Empty

Pattern hierarchy: General pattern




Treatment principle: Cools the Bloods, stop bleeding, supply Body Fluids

Common formulas: Xi Jiao Di Huang Tang


There are two types of Loss of Blood: Empty or Excess

The Empty type mainly refers to the Deficient Qi failing to hold Blood in the vessel. Then the Heat in the Blood pushes it out. The color of the blood is pales while the quantity is profuse. The loss of Blood can be prolonged

Another Empty type is due to Yin Deficiency, which cause Empty Heat in the Blood. Then the agitated Blood get reckless and leaks out of vessels. The Blood is color is bright red but scanty

The Excess types are caused by Heat in the Blood or Blood Stagnation. The former is more common and the Blood color is fresh red or dark color. The volume is heavy

As for the second Excess type, when Blood stagnates, it blocks the vessels and accumulate Heat, which then cause bleeding with very dark Blood and often clots. The volume is comparatively scanty as the majority of Blood are stagnated. 


Precursor patterns: Loss of Blood can derive from Qi Deficiency Blood Stagnation Heat in the Blood Yin Deficiency Heat in Uterus Blood

Diagnosing Loss of Blood

Main symptoms: Epistaxis Heamaturia Menorrhagia Metrorrhagia Bloody urine Bloody stools Heavy periods Bloody sputum Cough of blood Vomiting of blood Dark clots in menstrual blood

Diagnosis commentary: Key characteristic symptoms of this pattern are the bleeding from nose, mouth, vagina, anus and etc.

Treating Loss of Blood

Treatment principle

Cools the Bloods, stop bleeding, supply Body Fluids 

Herbal formulas used to treat Loss of Blood

Xi Jiao Di Huang Tang

Source date: 650 AD

Number of ingredients: 4 herbs

Key actions: Treats severe fevers and Heat in the Blood system. Removes Blood Stagnation.

Formula summary

Xi Jiao Di Huang Tang is a 4-ingredient Chinese Medicine formula. Invented in 650 AD, it belongs to the category of formulas that clear nutritive-level Heat.

Besides Loss of Blood, Xi Jiao Di Huang Tang is also used to treat Heat victorious agitating Blood or Heat in the Blood.

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Consequence patterns

Body Fluids Deficiency

Blood is a type of Body Fluids and they are interchangeable.  Therefore, Fluids Deficiency can be causes by a profuse and sudden loss of Blood such as tremor or injure, difficult childbirth,  heavy periods and etc.