Xiaoluo TB-12

Chinese: 消泺

Pinyin: Xiāo Luò


On the line joining the olecranon and Jianliao TB-14, midway between Qinglengyuan TB-11 and Naohui TB-13, 5 cun proximal to the olecranon. 

It is just on the lower end of bulge of the lateral head of triceps brachii when the forearm is in pronation. 

How to locate

Abduct the arm and locate two depressions below the acromion. Locate Jianliao TB-14 at the posterior depression, below the posterior aspect of the lateral extremity of the acromion. 

Then locate Tianjing TB-10 in a depression 1 cun above the olecranon. Draw an imaginary line between TB-14 and the olecranon. Measure TB-12 on this line and 4 cun above TB-10. 

Or use the 'spreading hand technique': Place the little fingers on TB-14 and TB-10 respectively and determine the midpoint of this distance with the thumbs. From the midpoint, measure 1 cun in a distal direction and locate TB-12 there. 

Main actions

Removes Obstruction from the Channel


Vertically or obliquely up to 2 cun. 

Commentary for Xiaoluo TB-12

Xiaoluo ST-12 is not a major point. Its main function is to open the Channel by removing the Obstruction caused by Wind invasion. The main effective areas are arm, shoulder, back and neck. 

The Wind Evil may cause other symptoms such as headache, alternation of hot and cold feeling, dizziness or even manic behavior.