Tianjing TB-10

Chinese: 天井

Pinyin: Tiān Jǐng


When the elbow is flexed, Tianjing TB-10 is in the depression about 1 cun superior to the olecranon. 

How to locate

Flex the elbow to 90°, locate Tianjing TB-10 by palpating a depression about 1 cun above the olecranon. 

Main actions

  1. Removes Dampness and Phlegm
  2. Subdues Rebellious Qi
  3. Calms the Mind
  4. Removes Obstructions from the Channel


Up to 1 cun vertically or obliquely in a proximal direction.

Commentary for Tianjing TB-10

Tianjing TB-10's main function is to resolve Dampness or Phlegm, especially Exterior Damp-Heat, characterized by symptoms such as swelling of glands or tonsils. It also dissipates nodules as the result of Exterior Dampness accumulation. 

Furthermore, it subdues Rebellious Qi so as to stop coughing as well as ease pain in the chest and lateral costal region. 

In relation to the above function, it also regulates Qi in the chest. It is especially effective in removing Liver Qi Stagnation which can cause mental disorders such as manic behavior, sadness, fright or palpitations. 

Finally, it opens the Channel by removing Obstructions. Therefore, it is indicated for pain and stiffness along the Channel, especially on the elbow.