Naohui TB-13

Chinese: 臑会

Pinyin: Nào Huì


On the line joining Jianliao TB-14 and the olecranon, 3 cun below Jianliao TB-14 which is at the lateral extremity of the acromion. Naohui TB-13 is on the posterior border of deltoid muscle. 

How to locate

Abduct the patient's arm and locate two depressions inferior to the acromion in the origin of the deltoid muscle. 

Locate Jianliao TB-14 in the posterior depression, below the dorsal aspect of the lateral extremity of the acromion. 

Then draw an imaginary line between TB-14 and the olecranon. Naohui TB-13 is on this line, 3 cun distal to TB-14. 

Main actions

  1. Removes Obstructions from the Channel
  2. Removes Phlegm


1-2 cun vertically or obliquely. 

Commentary for Naohui TB-13

Naohui ST-13 is not a major point of the Large Intestine Channel. Its main functions is to open the Channel by removing the Obstructions caused by Dampness invasion. Therefore it eases pain and stiffness in arm and shoulder areas. 

When the external Dampness accumulates in the body, it turns to Phlegm and cause symptoms such as goitre or scrofula. Naohui ST-13 is able to dissolve Phlegm as well.