Jianliao TB-14

Chinese: 肩髎

Pinyin: Jiān Liáo


Posterior and inferior to the acromion, in the depression about 1 cun posterior to Jianyu LI-15

How to locate

Abduct the patient's arm and locate two depressions inferior to the acromion in the origin of the deltoid muscle. 

Locate Jianliao TB-14 in the posterior depression, below the dorsal aspect of the lateral extremity of the acromion. 

Jianyu LI-15 is in the anterior depression. 

Main actions

Remove Obstructions from the Channel


With the arm adducted, 0.5–1 cun perpendicularly towards the centre of the axilla or 1–2 cun transversally to obliquely towards the elbow.

Commentary for Jianliao TB-14

Jianliao TB-14 is mainly used to open the Channel by removing the obstructions in the arm and shoulder area. Therefore, it can ease pain, stiffness and numbness there. It is an important local point for this purpose.