Qinglengyuan TB-11

Chinese: 清冷渊

Pinyin: Qīng Lěng Yuān


1 cun above Tianjing TB-10 or 2 cun superior to the olecranon. 

How to locate

Flex the elbow to 90°, use Tianjing TB-10 as a reference point by palpating it in a depression about 1 cun above the olecranon. Then locate Qinglengyuan TB-11 in a depression on the triceps brachii muscle. 

Main actions

  1. Removes Obstructions from the Channel
  2. Expels Damp-Heat


0.5 to 1 cun vertically. 

Commentary for Qinglengyuan TB-11

Qinglengyuan TB-11 is not a major point. 

Like its neighboring Triple Burner Channel points, it is also able to open the Channel by removing Obstructions. Therefore, it eases pain and stiffness in arm and shoulder, especially when the patients have difficulties to raise their arms. 

Furthermore, it resolves Damp-Heat on the head.