Shanglian LI-9

Chinese: 上廉

Pinyin: Shàng Lián


When a fist is made, with the ulnar side downward and elbow flexed, the point is 3 cun distal to Quchi LI-11 of the line joining Yangxi LI-5 and Quchi LI-11. 

How to locate

With the hand supinated, the line connecting Yangxi LI-5 and Quchi LI-11 runs alongside the radial margin of the forearm. However, with the arm pronated, it transverses the forearm.

The forearm is recommended to be in a midposition with flexed elbow. Xialian LI-8 is located 3 cun distal to Quchi LI-11 on the line connecting Yangxi LI-5 and Quchi LI-11. 

Main actions

  1. Regulates the Large Intestine
  2. Opens the Channel and eases pain


Vertically or obliquely 0.5–1 cun

Commentary for Shanglian LI-9

Xialian LI-8 and Shanglian LI-9 (Lower and Upper Angle) are the upper limb refection of Xiajuxu ST-39 and Shangjuxu ST-37 (Lower and Upper Great Hollow) on the lower limb. 

Shanglian LI-9 is indicated for Intestines disorders, especially in the Big Intestine. The typical manifestations are abdominal pain, borborygmi and Urinary difficulties. 

It opens the Channel by removing the Obstruction, so as to ease pain and numbness in shoulder, elbow and arm.