Shangjuxu ST-37

Chinese: 上巨虚

Pinyin: Shàng jù xū


6 cun below Dubi ST-35, on finger-breadth from the anterior crest of the tibia. 

How to locate

Locate Dubi ST-35 in the depression below the patella and lateral to the patellar ligament. 

Then locate Shangjuxu ST-37 by measuring 6 cun downwards and one middle finger-width lateral to the anterior crest of the tibia. 

Main actions

  1. Regulates the Stomach and Intestines and resolves food retention
  2. Resolves Damp-Heat
  3. Subdues Rebellious Qi


Vertically or obliquely 1–1.5 cun

Commentary for Shangjuxu ST-37

Shangjuxu ST-37 is the Lower Sea point for the Large Intestine Channel, thus it regulates the Channel, just like how Zusanli ST-36 regulates the Stomach Channel. Typical patterns includes Food Stagnation and Damp-Heat in the Large Intestine, characterized by  chronic diarrhoea, or stools that is loose and with mucus and blood. 

On the other hand, it opens the chests by subduing Rebellious Qi. Typical manifestations are asthma and short of breath.