Yangxi LI-5

Chinese: 阳溪

Pinyin: Yáng Xī


On the radial side of the wrist. When the thumb is tilted upward, it is in the depression on the wrist joint space (wrist crease) between the tendons of extensor pollicis longus and brevis muscles. 

How to locate

Hold the hand in a horizontal position and abduct the thumb. Yangxi LI-5 is located on the wrist joint space (wrist crease) in the depression between the tendons of extensor pollicis longus and brevis muscles. It is more palpable by moving the wrist. 

Main actions

  1. Expels Wind-Heat
  2. Clears Fire
  3. Calms the Mind and opens the Mind's orifices
  4. Benefits nose, ears and eyes
  5. Eases pain in the wrist joint


Obliquely or transversely 0.5–1 cun

Caution: Avoid the superficial cephalic vein.

Commentary for Yangxi LI-5

Like Hegu LI-4, Yangxi LI-5 is also able to expel Wind-Heat and release the Exterior at the beginning stage of an Pernicious Evil Invasion (eg: common cold). Typical symptoms are aversion to cold, fever or sneezing. However, its effect is less strong. 

Similar to LI-4, it also has influence on the face and sensory Organs. It is able to treat sneezing, nose bleeding, tinnitus, deafness, ear pain, lacrimation, toothache as well as redness, swelling and pain of the eye. 

It clears Heat in the Large Intestine and is applied in febrile diseases. When there is Fire in the Bright Yang, it causes manic behavior, uncontrolled and inappropriate laughing or fear. Yangxi LI-5 clears this Fire so as to calm the Mind and open the Mind's orifices. 

Finally, it is able to treat Painful Obstruction Syndrome of the hand and wrist joint by opening the Channel.