Tianchong GB-9

Chinese: 天冲

Pinyin: Tiān Chōng


Posterior and superior to the auricle, about 0.5 cun posterior to Shuaigu GB-8

How to locate

Locate Shuaigu GB-8 which is located 1.5 cun above the ear apex. From there, measure 0.5 cun in a posterior direction and locate Tianchong GB-9. 

Both Tianchong GB-9 and Wangu GB-12 are reference points for locating Fubai GB-10 and Touqiaoyin GB-11

Main actions

  1. Subdues Liver Yang
  2. Expels Interior Wind
  3. Calms the Mind
  4. Resolves Dampness and Heat from the head


0.5–1.5 cun transversely towards the occiput or the site of the pain.

Commentary for Tianchong GB-9

Tianchong GB-9 is a major point of the Gall Bladder Channel

One of its most important function is to subdues the rising of Liver Yang, Liver Fire, Liver Wind or Rebellious Qi. Typical manifestations are tinnitus, dizziness and headache (especially migraine headaches). 

Liver Yang Rising can cause Interior Wind agitating and thus lead to symptoms such as convulsions, epilepsy or contraction of muscles.

Furthermore, it has a powerful calming effect and it is able to treat serious mental disorders such as hypomania. 

When combined with Xuanlu GB-5, Quchi LI-11 and Yanglingquan GB-34, it can treat the inability to move such as ataxia or inability to speak originating from a central nerve system diseases. 

Finally, it expels Damp-Heat from the head. Thus it is able to treat symptoms such as itchy ears, toothache, swelling and pain of gums or goitre.