Fubai GB-10

Chinese: 浮白

Pinyin: Fú Bái


Posterior and superior to the mastoid process, at the junction of the upper third and the two lower thirds of the curved line connecting Tianchong GB-9 and Wangu GB-12

How to locate

First locate Tianchong GB-9 and Wangu GB-12, which are the reference points for locating Fubai GB-10 and Touqiaoyin GB-11

GB-9 is 1.5 cun above the ear apex (Shuaigu GB-8) and 0.5 cun in a posterior direction. GB-12 is in a depression posterior and inferior to the mastoid process

GB-10 is at the junction of the upper and the middle third, where often a small ‘dip’ can be felt on the bone. It tends to be on the level of the apex of the ear


Main actions

  1. Removes Obstructions from the Channel
  2. Subdues Rebellious Qi
  3. Clears Heat in the head and neck


Transversely 0.5–0.8 cun. 

Commentary for Fubai GB-10

Fubai GB-10 is not a major point of Gall Bladder Channel. It clears Heat so as to ease pain, stiffness and swelling neck, head, tooth and ear. It is also indicates for deafness and tinnitus. 

Furthermore, like its neighboring point Touqiaoyin GB-11, it subdues Rebellious Lung Qi characterized by coughing, dyspnoea, chest fullness or pain. 

It also opens the Channel by removing the Obstruction. For example, it is indicated for leg flaccidity or sinews contraction of the four limbs.