Touqiaoyin GB-11

Chinese: 头窍阴

Pinyin: Tóu Qiào Yīn


Posterior and superior to the mastoid process, on the line connecting Tianchong GB-9Fubai GB-10 and Wangu GB-12

How to locate

First locate Tianchong GB-9 and Wangu GB-12, which are the reference points for locating Fubai GB-10 and Touqiaoyin GB-11. 

GB-9 is 1.5 cun above the ear apex (Shuaigu GB-8) and 0.5 cun in a posterior direction. GB-12 is in a depression posterior and inferior to the mastoid process

GB-11 is at the junction of the middle and the lower third, where often a small ‘dip’ can be felt on the bone. 

Main actions

  1. Subdues Liver Yang
  2. Brightens the sense orifices


Transversely 0.5–0.8 cun. 

Commentary for Touqiaoyin GB-11

Touqiaoyin GB-11 is mainly used as a local point to subdue Liver Yang Rising or Liver Fire, characterized by pain behind the ear, headache, dizziness or stiff neck. 

It also benefits the sense orifices such as the eyes, ears or tongue.