Wangu GB-12 Acupuncture Point

Wangu GB-12

Chinese: 完骨

Pinyin: Wán gǔ


In the depression posterior and inferior to the mastoid process. 

How to locate

Palpate the junction of the cranium and the neck and identify the mastoid process as a cone-shaped, boney structure. 

Locate Wangu GB-12 in the inferior aspect of the mastoid process on the lower border posterior to the tip of the process. 

Main actions

  1. Subdues Liver Yang
  2. Expels Interior Wind
  3. Calms the Mind


0.5–1 cun obliquely in an inferior direction.

Commentary for Wangu GB-12

Wangu GB-12 is indicated as a local point for Liver Yang Rising. Typical manifestations are headache and dizziness. 

Interior Wind agitating is also a consequence of Liver Yang Rising, characterized by head tremor, epilepsy, muscle contraction around the mouth and etc. 

Finally, it is a calming effect and is frequently used to treat insomnia or manic behavior if originated from Liver Yang or Liver Fire