Wangu GB-12

Chinese: 完骨

Pinyin: Wán gǔ


In the depression posterior and inferior to the mastoid process

How to locate

Palpate the junction of the cranium and the neck and identify the mastoid process as a cone-shaped, boney structure. 

Locate Wangu GB-12 in the inferior aspect of the mastoid process on the lower border posterior to the tip of the process. 

Both Tianchong GB-9  and Wangu GB-12 are reference points for locating Fubai GB-10 and Touqiaoyin GB-11.

Main actions

  1. Subdues Liver Yang
  2. Expels Interior Wind
  3. Calms the Mind


0.5–1 cun obliquely in an inferior direction.

Commentary for Wangu GB-12

Wangu GB-12 is indicated as a local point for Liver Yang Rising. Typical manifestations are headache and dizziness. 

Interior Wind agitating is also a consequence of Liver Yang Rising, characterized by head tremor, epilepsy, muscle contraction around the mouth and etc. 

Finally, it is a calming effect and is frequently used to treat insomnia or manic behavior if originated from Liver Yang or Liver Fire