Shuaigu GB-8

Chinese: 率谷

Pinyin: Shuài Gǔ


Superior to the apex of the ear, 1.5 cun within the hairline. 

How to locate

Define the apex of the ear by folding the ear auricle towards the anterior so that the posterior part of the upper helix covers its anterior part. . From there, measure 1.5 cun or 2 fingerbreadths in a superior direction and palpate a bony depression there. 

This point can be easily felt when a chewing movement is made. 

Main actions

  1. Subdues Liver Yang
  2. Harmonizes the Stomach


0.3–1.5 cun transversely, mostly from anterior to posterior or towards the site of the pain.

Commentary for Shuaigu GB-8

Shuaigu GB-8 is a frequently used local point for Liver Yang Rising, characterized by headache, dizziness, blurred vision or heavy head. 

Furthermore, Liver Yang may also lead to Interior Wind, thus causing deviation of eye or mouth. 

Finally, the point is able to harmonizes the Stomach by subduing Rebellious Stomach Qi. Typical symptoms are vomiting, inability to eat or alcohol intoxication.