Quyuan SI-13

Chinese: 曲垣

Pinyin: Qū Yuán


On the medial extremity of the suprascapular fossa. 

How to locate

At its medial end, the scapular spine fans out in a deltoid shape, curving round in a superior direction. When palpating, this feels like a ‘crooked wall’, hence its Chinese name.

Quyuan SI-13 is located on the scapula, in the slightly concave bend. 

Main actions

  1. Opens the Channel
  2. Expels Wind


0.5–1 cun vertically or obliquely in a lateral direction.

There is no danger of puncturing the pleura if located correctly.

Commentary for Quyuan SI-13

Like its neighboring point Jianzhen SI-9, Naoshu SI-10, Tianzong SI-11, and Bingfeng SI-12, Quyuan SI-13 is another important local point for shoulder problems that should be checked for sensitivity on palpation. The typical symptoms are the shoulder and scapula pain and the inability to raise arms. 

It is better the patients are seated in a relaxed way. This point should be needled first with Reducing Method. Moxa is to be applied afterwards. 

In additional to it function of Channel opening, Quyuan SI-13 is also used to expel Wind so as to treat Painful Obstruction Syndrome (Bi Syndrome) in joints.