Naoshu SI-10

Chinese: 臑俞

Pinyin: Nào Shū


When the arm is adducted, Naoshu SI-10 is directly above JianZhen SI-9, in the depression inferior and lateral to the scapular spine

How to locate

With the patient sitting upright, palpate from the posterior axillary fold upward, past Jianzhen SI-9, which is at the lower border of the deltoid muscle, to the bony resistance of the scapular spine and acromion, which here form a curve that opens towards the inferior, Naoshu SI-10 is located below its bony border. 

Main actions

Opens the Channel


0.5–1.5 cun vertically.

Commentary for Naoshu SI-10

Naoshu SI-10 is the Small Intestine Channel meeting point to both Yang Stepping and Linking Vessel. Thus it can be stimulated to ease shoulder stiffness and increase mobility by removing the Channel Obstruction. It is an important point for Pain Obstruction Syndrome in the shoulder.