Jianzhen SI-9

Chinese: 肩贞

Pinyin: Jiān Zhēn


Posterior and inferior to the shoulder joint. When the arm is adducted, Jianzhen SI-9 is 1 cun above the posterior end of the axillary fold

Naoshu SI-10 is located directly above Jianzhen SI-9. 

How to locate

With the patient sitting upright, palpate upward from the end of the posterior axillary fold, until you can feel the lower border of the deltoid muscle. If in doubt, ask the patient to flex their muscle. Jianzhen SI-9 is located on its lower border.

Main actions

Opens the Channel


1–1.5 cun vertically 

Commentary for Jianzhen SI-9

Despite that Jianzhen SI-9 is not an important point, but is often used for Painful Obstruction Syndrome on the shoulder. 

It can also treat other part of the body such as arms, scapula or upper arms by removing Obstruction from the Channel.