Bingfeng SI-12

Chinese: 秉风

Pinyin: Bǐng Fēng


In the center of the suprascapular fossa, directly above Tianzong SI-11. When the arm is lifted, the point is at the site of the depression. 

How to locate

The patient is suggested to be in a prone or seated position with shoulder relaxed. 

First identify Tianzong SI-11, at the junction of the upper and middle third of the distance between the lower border of the scapular spine and the inferior angle of the scapula.

Then identify Bingfeng SI-12 directly above SI-11. 

Main actions

Opens the Channel


0.5–1 cun vertically or obliquely into the supraspinatus muscle in the direction of the shoulder.

Caution: Pneumothorax.

Commentary for Bingfeng SI-12

Bingfeng SI-12 is able to remove Obstruction from the Channel, in order to relieve pain and stiffness of the shoulder, scapula, arm and neck. For patients who suffer from inability to raise the arms and turn head, it is also effective. 

Like its neighboring point Jianzhen SI-9, Naoshu SI-10, and Tianzong SI-11, it is another important local point for shoulder problems that should be checked for sensitivity on palpation.