Zhigou TB-6

Chinese: 支沟

Pinyin: Zhī Gōu


3 cun above Yangchi ST-4 at the dorsal wrist joint space, between the radius and ulna.

How to locate

First identify Yangchi TB-4. Move the wrist in a relaxed way so that the joint space is more visible. TB-4 is located laterally to the joint space midpoint, in the depression between the tendons of the extensor digitorum and extensor digiti minimi muscle, which continues to the litter finger. 

Zhigou TB-6 is located 3 cun above Yangchi TB-4

Main actions

  1. Regulates Qi and removes Qi Stagnation.
  2. Clears Heat in Large Intestine
  3. Clears Heat in the head
  4. Expels Wind-Heat from skin
  5. Removes obstructions from the Channel


0.5–1.5 cun slightly obliquely towards the ulna or obliquely in a proximal (elbow) or distal (wrist) direction. Or needling towards Jianshi P-5 on the opposite side of the forearm. 

Caution: Movement of the hand/arm during needle retention may cause bending of the needle.

Commentary for Zhigou TB-6

One of Zhigou TB-6's main function is to regulate Qi movement and resolve Qi Stagnation in the Triple Burner. It is mainly used to ease pain and distension in the lateral costal region, but it is also effective in many other Organs or body cavities such as abdominal or chest. 

In fact, the Triple Burner controls the body Qi ascending and descending as well as Qi entering and exiting. It transforms Qi and has influence on all kind of Qi (eg: Nutritive Qi or Defensive Qi) and their pathways.

Zhigou TB-6 is Triple Burner Channel's most effective point in promoting Qi transformation and movement. It is also effective in moving Blood and Body Fluids because Qi is the fundamental driver of them. Therefore, TB-6 is indicated for Directing Vessel and Uterus Blood Stagnates. characterized by menstruations disorders such as painful or scanty periods

This point also clears Heat in the Large Intestine when the Exterior Pernicious Evil invades and reaches the Qi level of the Four Levels Theory. The Heat causes febrile disease with typical symptoms like constipation and abdominal pain. 

Furthermore, Zhigou TB-6 clears Heat in the Head as well. Typical manifestations are redness and heat of the face, fever, sudden loss of voice, redness, swelling and pain of the eyes, swelling or pain of the throat. Similar to Yemen TB-2, Zhongzhu TB-3 and Waiguan TB-5, it also has positive impact on the eyes. 

It expels Wind-Heat from the skin and is indicated for various skin diseases. Together with Fengshi GB-31, they can treat red rashes and hives that come and go quickly, such as in urticaria, or skin eruptions on the lateral costal region. 

Finally, Zhigou TB-6 opens the Channel by removing the Obstructions. Typical symptoms are pain or weakness in the axilla, shoulder, arm, elbow and hands.