Yemen TB-2

Chinese: 液门

Pinyin: Yè Mén


Proximal to the margin of the web between the ring and small fingers. 

How to locate

It is better to make a loose fist. Locate Yemen TB-2 at the margin of the web between the ring and litter finger. 

Commentary for Yemen TB-2

Similar to Guanchong TB-1, TB-2 is able to expel Exterior Wind-Heat. However, TB-2 has a stronger effect when the Pernicious Evils are at the Lesser Yang Stage of the Six Stage Theory. The most typical manifestation of this pattern is the alternation of hot and cold feeling. 

It clears Interior Heat from the Triple Burner and Gall Bladder Channel, especially in relation to the head, face, throat or eyes. For example, Liver Fire Blazing cause various eye disorders such as red or dry eyes, which can be treated by stimulating TB-2. Other symptoms includes red face, swelling and pain of the throat, toothache, bleeding gums and pain in the gums. 

Like many Triple Burner Channel points, TB-2 is also indicated for ear disorders, especially for acute conditions such as infection of the middle ear or sudden deafness. It can also treat tinnitus or general deafness. 

Finally, it is effective in removing Painful Obstruction from the Channel, especially in fingers, arms, neck and wrist.