Yangchi TB-4

Chinese: 阳池

Pinyin: Yáng Chí


At the junction of the ulna carpal bones of the wrist dorsum, in the depression lateral to the tendon of extensor digitorum and extensor digiti minimi muscle. 

How to locate

Move the wrist in a relaxed way so that the joint space is more visible. Yangchi TB-4 is located laterally to the joint space midpoint, in the depression between the tendons of the extensor digitorum and extensor digiti minimi muscle, which continues to the litter finger. 

Main actions

  1. Removes obstruction from the Channel
  2. Regulate Body Fluids in Lower Burner
  3. Tonifies Original-Yuan Qi
  4. Tonifies Penetrating and Directing Vessels


0.3–0.5 cun vertically or slightly obliquely in a proximal direction or transversely deep to the tendons towards the radial aspect of the wrist.

Commentary for Yangchi TB-4

Like many point in the arms, Yangchi TB-4 relaxes tendons and is indicated for Painful Obstruction Syndrome around the arm and shoulder by removing obstructions from the Channel. The typical symptoms are pain in the wrists, neck, arms and shoulders. The patients may also suffer from arm or wrist weakness, redness and swelling. It is useful in easing occipital headache as well. 

It also benefits the ears and it is indicated for symptoms such as tinnitus, deafness and ear pain. 

Furthermore, this point can stimulate the Lower Burner so as to promote Body Fluid transportation and excretion, especially when used together with Jinggu BL-64. Typical manifestations are edema or swelling of legs as well as urinary difficulties. The 'Pool' in its name implies this function. 

Yangchi TB-4 also treat Lesser Yang Stage symptoms according to the Six Stage Theory. The typical manifestations are fever, malaria and alternation of cold and hot feeling. 

According to Japanese acupuncture books, Yangchi TB-4 is the Source-Yuan point of the Triple Burner Channel and it tonifies the Original-Yuan Qi. The Original-Yuan Qi originates between the Kidneys and get spreads around the body through Triple Burner system which works as the intermediary. Therefore it can be used to treat chronic Kidney Deficiency and the patients' general energy is weak. The typical symptoms are general fatigue, poor appetite, weak knees or back pain.

It also connects to Penetrating and Directing Vessel through Original Qi. Both Vessels are key in menstruation functions.