Luxi TB-19

Chinese: 颅息

Pinyin: Lú Xī


Posterior to the ear, at the junction of the upper and middle third of the curve formed by Yifeng ST-17 and Jiaosun ST-20 behind the helix. 

How to locate

Imagine a clock face superimposed over the auricle with 12 o'clock at the apex and 6 o'clock at the earlobe. Luxi ST-19 is located at a depression at 10 o'clock on the right ear or 2 o'clock at the left ear. 

Main actions

  1. Relieves tetany
  2. Benefits the ears


Up to 0.5 cun transversely in an inferior direction or prick to bleed.

Commentary for Luxi TB-19

Luxi TB-19 is not a major point. 

However, some books say that it is very effective in ease tetany and related symptoms such as neck and back stiffness, lockjaw, limbs twitching and etc.