Yifeng TB-17

Chinese: 翳风

Pinyin: Yì Fēng


Posterior to the lobule of the ear, in the depression between the mandible and mastoid process. 


How to locate

The patients should open their mouth. It makes it easier to palpate Yifeng TB-17 in a depression behind the ear lobe, between the mastoid process and the mandible. 

Main actions

  1. Benefits the ears
  2. Expels Wind


Strictly needle 0.5–1 cun in an anterior direction. It is because Yifeng TB-17 is close to the facial nerve. It is recommended to needle with mouth slightly open. 

Commentary for Yifeng TB-17

Yifeng TB-17 is widely used for various ear problems, no matter if they are of Exterior or Interior origin. For example, Exterior Pernicious Evils such as Wind invasion can cause ear infection. Interior disharmony such as Liver Yang Rising, Liver Fire or Kidney Deficiency may lead to deafness or tinnitus. 

It also treat other Wind related disorders such as trigeminal neuralgia or facial paralysis. Some doctors claim that deep needling of at least 1 cun of this point can give a good effect on facial paralysis. Tenderness should always be checked on mastoid area before needling.