Juliao ST-3

Chinese: 巨髎

Pinyin: Jù Liáo


Directly below Sibai ST-2, at the level of the lower border of ala nasi.

How to locate

The first four points of the Stomach Channel are located vertically in the central pupil line, when the patients look straight ahead. 

Juliao ST-3 is located at the crossing point of the pupil line and a horizontal line on the level of the lower border of the ala nasi.

Commentary for Juliao ST-3

Juliao ST-3's main functions are similar to these of Chengqi ST-1 and Sibai ST-2. It is able to treat eye disorders due to Exterior or Interior Wind. Indications includes acute and chronic conjunctivitis, myopia, astigmatism, squint, colour blindness, night blindness, glaucoma, atrophy of the optic nerve, cataract, keratitis and retinitis. It is especially widely used for patients suffered from facial paralysis and trigeminal neuralgia. 

On top of the eyes, it is also indicated for nose disorders caused by Wind.